About WaterAdvisor.org

The Water Advisor team sets out to provide folks with solid research and experience-based information on all aspects of water systems in our homes, including primary and backup sump pumps, water filters, conservation, and quality — for example, what do you do when you notice that your water smells like eggs?

Water is essential to our very survival, and the effective management of water in our homes is an important part of our everyday comfort and lifestyle. So we want to help you choose the best ways to make these systems work better.

Trial and error and a lot of research has helped us and we like to pass along our knowledge.

We also get into fun stuff like the best ice makers and we do tests like Swell vs Yeti and Hydro Flask vs Yeti reviews and temperature testing that we hope you’ll find helpful.

~~ the Water Advisor team

FULL DISCLOSURE: We are a reader-supported site, so if you make a purchase through our affiliate links, it won’t cost you any extra and we make a small commission. This allows us to keep going with our mission to provide the best information and help people choose the best products and solutions.

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