Water Softener Not Working? What to Do

water softener not working

Does it seem like your water softener is not working? If you have hard water, you rely on your water softener every day, and in ways you might not expect or even realize. Hard water impacts every part of your home, from how long your hot water heater lasts to how often you have to repair and replace your appliances. It is easy to overlook your water softener, but when it stops working, you will know it….

Best Water Softener Salt Buying Guide

When it’s time to add salt to your water softener, you may be surprised by all of the choices you have. Which is the best water softener salt to get? We’re going to look at the options and go over what you need to know. To cut to the chase here just for a sec, we’ll give you a quick roundup of our selections. Water Advisor Recommendations: For typical homes, the product what we recommend is Morton…