Water Powered Sump Pump Backup Systems

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A backup sump pump helps keep your home flood-free in the event of a power outage. Many people use a battery backup sump pump, which is a pump that works on battery power in case when you have an outage. Another option that you have available if you’re on municipal water to look at the water powered sump pump backup systems that are available, sometimes called “water based” sump pumps. This type of backup system won’t work…

Wayne WSS30V Sump Pump With Battery Backup System

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A good sump pump is a small investment to make when you consider the level of protection they provide. A system with a battery backup built in makes for complete protection from flooding and the devastation that it can cause to your home’s structure as well as your possessions. The Wayne WSS30V sump pump with battery backup is a highly rated unit with 1/2 HP and 12 V working for you. Wayne WSS30V Overview The WSS30V is…

On the Counter Ice Maker Recommendations

ice cubes from counter top ice maker

An on the counter ice maker (also called a counter top ice maker) is a nice addition to your kitchen if you want a steady supply of ice in your kitchen. If your refrigerator doesn’t have an ice maker or if it can’t keep up with your household use, getting an ice machine will be a game-changer. These are popular for RVs as well. In hot climates you can easily overtax your refrigerator’s ice-making capabilities. Family and…

Battery Backup Sump Pumps – Guide

battery backup sump pump

If you live in an area that receives a lot of rain, have a high water table, or is situated near a floodplain, you probably already know the significance of a sump pump. During a storm or flood, a sump pump can be a lifesaver. This disaster-prevention device keeps the water out of your house, allowing you to sleep peacefully through stormy nights without worrying about the weather. It alleviates basement flooding by collecting water and then…

Water Conservation in the Garden

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Freshwater is arguably the most precious resource on Earth, as demand increases every day but supply decreases steadily. In some areas, prolonged drought is forcing many to reconsider time-honored gardening practices. Even in areas with adequate rain, many choose to conserve water for environmental reasons, and some simply want to lower their water bill. Regardless of your motivations, there are many options available to help reduce water use from planting to harvest. Whether you grow vegetables or…

Sump Pump Cleaning and Inspection Instructions

basement sump pump

One of the more important parts of the house that often gets ignored during spring-cleaning is the sump pump. The sump pump is a critical device dedicated towards preventing floods in people’s homes during severe rainstorms. A clean, well functioning sump pump can end up saving a homeowner a lot of money in damages when spring and summer storms hit. Here is a checklist for sump pump cleaning and inspection Sump Pump Cleaning and Inspection Instructions Before…

Water Softener Not Working? What to Do

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Does it seem like your water softener is not working? If you have hard water, you rely on your water softener every day, and in ways you might not expect or even realize. Hard water impacts every part of your home, from how long your hot water heater lasts to how often you have to repair and replace your appliances. It is easy to overlook your water softener, but when it stops working, you will know it….

Best Water Softener Salt Buying Guide

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When it’s time to add salt to your water softener, you may be surprised by all of the choices you have. Which is the best water softener salt to get? We’re going to look at the options and go over what you need to know. To cut to the chase here just for a sec, we’ll give you a quick roundup of our selections. Water Advisor Recommendations: For typical homes, the product what we recommend is Morton…

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