Best Sump Pump Alarms Reviews + Buying Guide

Sump pumps are a critical piece of equipment in many homes, preventing flood damage that can destroy possessions and property. A sump pump alarm lets you know when the water level is rising in the sump pit. It’s helpful to know when this is occurring as water damage is one of the most catastrophic events you can experience as a homeowner. These units are also referred to as a “high water alarm for sump pump.”

Sump pump alarms alert you to conditions that you should be aware of. If your primary pump has failed, water is rising too fast for the pump, or the backup battery is dead, these are some of the reasons you could hear the alarm go off.

Some sump pumps include alarms as part of the kit, but it can be helpful to have an additional alarm in place, and if you choose one with email, voice, and text alert capability then you can stay informed even when you’re away.

Here are some of the best alarms for you to  choose from, ranging from relatively simple models to more tech-oriented solutions that can alert you in multiple ways.

Best Sump Pump Alarms: Reviews and Buying Guide

These alarms represent a range of price points and sophistication levels in terms of the unit’s features and capabilities. Let’s go over each one in more detail now so you can check out the features and prices.

Again, when it comes to sump pump systems and alarms, I usually recommend getting the highest quality that you can afford, since it’s such a critical component when it comes to protecting your home from damage and potential hazards.

Glentronics, Inc. BWD-HWA 00895001498 Basement Watchdog High Water Alarm, Multi

THE BASEMENT WATCHDOG Model BWD-HWA 110 dB Battery Operated Water Alarm
  • Detects as little as 1/32 in. of water to offer an effective early warning system
  • Solid-state circuitry is extremely sensitive and reliable
  • Loud 110 dB alarm can be heard throughout the house
  • Sensor has a 6 ft. wire so it can be extended into a sump pit, or mounted on a wall
  • Accommodates the addition of more than 100 ft. of wire (additional 24-Gauge wire not included)

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This isn’t specifically intended to be only a sump pump alarm, but it is a good all-purpose water level monitor so that you can be alerted to water-related conditions anywhere you set it up. It’s a very affordable device that can save you a lot of money and hassle.

You may want to use one of these in conjunction with other systems. Some people use these anywhere they have plumbing fixtures that could leak, so don’t think of this as an option that’s limited to use in your basement, although it’s a good choice as a high water alarm for sump pump systems.

Superior Pump 92060 Sump Alarm System with 15-Foot Tethered Float Switch, Black

Superior Pump 92060 Sump Alarm System with 15-Foot Tethered Float Switch , Black
  • Monitors liquid levels in sump and sewage basins, holding tanks and other water applications
  • Non-corrosive NEMA enclosure, rated for indoor use
  • 9 Volt battery backup, battery not included
  • 87 Decibel alarm horn with low battery chirp
  • Comes complete with alarm, 15 foot float switch and mounting clip

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Here’s a good, straightforward sump pump alarm setup with a battery backup. It has a 15-foot float switch and is easily mounted with a clip. The alarm sounds at 87 Decibels and it also makes a chirp alert sound. You can use it to monitor water levels in your sump pit as well as other applications like water tanks and sewage basins. The unit will alert you when the water reaches the water level that you’ve set. This kit includes the alarm, alarm float, and the float mounting hardware.

Wireless (Wifi) In/Outdoor Sump Pump/High Water Alarm

Sump Alarm Wifi Water Sensor, Wireless Sump Pump Alarm with 10ft Conductivity Sensor for Indoor Outdoor Use, Weatherproof Water Detector Alarm with Free Email Alert, Audible Alarm & Server-Side Backup
  • MONITOR WATER LEVELS from anywhere with a wireless water detector alarm by Sump Alarm. Our flood sensor lets you know when water levels approach a dangerous stage.
  • INNOVATIVE WATER ALARM is the first outdoor wifi water leak detector. IP67-rated with gasketed enclosure and weatherproof components, Sump Alarm Water Alarm is ideal for sump pumps, and pool sumps.
  • Stainless Steel Probes on our water sensor alarm detects changes within ¼” for fast troubleshooting. Minimize property damage with quick notification from our water level sensor.
  • FREE EMAIL ALERTS from Sump Alarm Smart Water Sensor keep you informed from anywhere in the world. An optional monthly/yearly subscription service sends text and/or voice notices for the liquid level alarm.
  • Server-side backup of the water alarm detector alerts you to loss of power or internet. An LED light and a 90 db horn deliver visual and audible alerts from the moisture sensor.

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Here is a unit that’s perfect for you if you want to have notification methods other than just the sound of an alarm. What if something happens when you’re away from home? If the water level starts rising, this system can notify you via email, voice, or text alerts. Note that the email alerts come free with the purchase of this unit but the voice and text alert service is an add-on that costs a little over $10 per year as of this writing.

This system is available with either the precision probe or float switch to detect water levels. The precision probe is able to detect water levels within 1/4 inch. The precision probes can only be use in clear water applications such as sump pumps (without any floating debris), pool pumps, and rain water. There isn’t a great price difference between the precision probe or float switch models so it comes down more to what your preference is rather than what your budget looks like.

Final Thoughts

A high water sump pump alarm is a recommended addition to your sump system, because when the water level starts rising, you need to be aware of the situation. It’s a small investment to make to help protect your property and give you peace of mind.

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