Remove Iron from Your Well Water for Clean and Safe Drinking

Introduction Iron is a mineral that can be present in groundwater. While some well owners are not affected by iron, others can experience a variety of problems due to this mineral’s presence. Iron can cause taste and odor problems in your drinking water, as well as discolored laundry and staining on sinks, tubs, and toilets. Why is iron bad for water? Iron is not good for your water. It can cause discoloration and affect the taste, which…

What Size Water Softener for Family of 4?

what size water softener for family of 4

Are you wondering what size water softener for family of 4 is ideal? There are many benefits to having a water softener installed in your home, and you’ll want to make sure every member of the household can use it. With the help of this buying guide, you’ll know precisely how to choose the perfect size for your home. What Size Water Softener for Family of 4? There are many easy ways to tell what size water…

What Does a Water Softener Do to Well Water?

what does a water softener do to well water

Water softeners are exceedingly popular among homeowners who receive their supply from the government through their community. After all, even while previously treated, it can still be prone to mineral buildup, which can potentially damage appliances like dishwashers and washing machines. However, what does a water softener do to well water? Does well water have the same hardness as tap water? Do you need to get it tested from a facility, such as Simple Water? Table of…

How to Get Well Water Tested

how to get well water tested

Getting your well water tested is essential in assuring the health and safety of the people who intend to use it, regardless if they have the intention of drinking it or not. After all, there are toxic substances that may be present in your water that can cause severe allergic reactions even without ingesting it. The question is how to get well water tested. Fortunately, there are numerous water testing facilities, like Simple Water, that can assist…

Is It Safe to Drink Well Water?

is it safe to drink well water

Most Americans rely on the federal or state government for their drinking water. This means that their drinking water is carefully regulated and supplied through their community. While that’s the case for the majority, 15% of the population relies on their own sources of water, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). There are 13 million households that get their drinking water through the private wells installed in their property. The question is, is it safe to…

How to Clean a Water Softener Resin Tank in Two Ways

how to clean a water softener resin tank

Once you’ve chosen to add a new water softener to your home, there’s some maintenance to consider. Learning how to clean a water softener resin tank is, thankfully, more accessible than it sounds. With this guide’s help, you’ll be well on your way to preserving the integrity of your softener. Why Should I Clean My Water Softener? As with any other appliance you have in your household, maintenance is necessary to prolong a water softener’s lifespan. Considering…

The Best Well Pressure Tank Reviews + Buying Guide

fresh water ripples

Every morning we wake up, walk clumsily to the bathroom, turn the faucet on and here we have it: a smooth stream of running water. It usually doesn’t amaze us because we probably never think about what’s going on behind the scenes, but really, how does water get to our faucets when we need it to? If you happen to live in the urban city, chances are your residence has a well pressure tank, and since you…

Choosing a Water Damage Restoration Company

grey blue house with three car garage

Are you having water in the basement every time it rains heavily? Protecting your house from water damage will safeguard your investment and protect the health of your family. This is why knowing everything about the common problems and the best water damage restoration techniques is essential to keep your house safe. Water damage will weaken the foundation and structure of your house and in the end, you will spend thousands of dollars to fix the damage….

Best Water Ionizer Reviews + Buying Guide

water ionizers

Nowadays, alkaline water is getting more and more popular thanks to researchers discovering numerous benefits related to skin, bones, digestive tract, and many other body systems – all of which can be attributed to ionized water. So if you’re thinking about investing in a water ionizer to boost the quality of your and your family’s life, then you’ve come to the right place! Today, we’ll be reviewing the 5 best water ionizers available on the market, and…

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